Guy Shoots Off Own Dick…

August 26th, 2013

You literally can not make this shit up. No way, no how

He died, from accidentally shooting his fucking dick off

(What a moron!)

Let that sink in for one moment. A grown man, shot his

“Cock” off, & then died from the blood loss and wounds

This is my rifle, this is my gun. One’s for fighting, one is

for fun. Turns out, both are for “Penis Shootings”. A guy

named Geronimo Narciso was drinking with his friends,

when after firing two rounds in the air, he tucked it back

(shit fer brains)

in his waist band, & it went off. I guess you could say, he

was “gunning his cock” instead of “cocking his gun”. Zip!

Darwinism strikes again. Meh, so much for that silly bad

theory that owning a gun increases your manhood. Oops

The good news is we have one less “fucking idiot” with us

Tomorrow: It Looks Like Assad Used Chemical Stuff

Have a day!

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