It seems Tennessee Republican Scott Des-jar-lay thinks the answer

to the tough question of “immigration reform” that effects real lives,

(“I’m Uncle Fester”)

should not take into account an actual kid standing in front of them

This ass’s response to a brave 11 year old girl, who’s voice is clearly

nervous because it depends on her father staying with her, or being

deported was to claim, “We have laws, and we need to follow those

laws & that’s where we’re at”. At this point, the TeaOP crowd cheers

*Puts face into hands* Holy shit. This guy’s a crappy assbag, but the

(Brave Josie Molina)

people ‘clapping at this kid growing up fatherless’ are the root cause

The dick is talking about, “We must obey the laws”, but was the guy

who had multiple mistress’s with many abortions, filled out a bunch

of prescriptions for them, and had sex with patients. Family values?

Oh, & he also forced his wife to have abortions. Yet, he is “Pro-life”

Disgusting, this is face of lies today. If you’d like to know what our

(“Get out brown people!”)

immigration policy should be, & always was; just see the plaque on

the statue of liberty. These hateful turds should re-read it. They yell,

“Single parent food stamps loser!”……AFTER they deport the father

These “ignorant, xenophobic pricks” will never win another national

election in our lifetime. You’re seeing hypocrisy, and hate on display

So as their party chokes itself to death, these ‘events’ will get worse

Tomorrow: Cruzing For A “Big Birther Undocumented Bruising”?!

Have a day!

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