Stop & Prick Is Wrong

August 13th, 2013

it seems “stop & frisk” isn’t working for minorities nowadays


But why is that?? Oh because 90% of those stopped are them

& they’re found to have committed no crime 88% of the time

Ooooops! Now most people would call that Unconstitutional

And it turns out, a judge finally did in NYC. So judge Shira A.

Scheindlin found ‘stop & dick’ to be a ‘policy of indirect racial

profiling’, & that police routinely stopped, ‘blacks & Hispanics

(judge “Hero”)

who would not have been stopped if they were white’. Oooops

The judge is pretty fucking clear about it all in a 195 page doc

Here is my thing, anyone who personally attacks the judge &

not the sound constitutional argument of illegal search might

have other motives. Oh, & they also got no counter argument

Everyone, & I mean EVERYONE deserves the protection our

Constitution provides, not just certain groups. Every rational

(Large soda crime)

person is for the police being able to do their jobs. Well this is

not THAT. They are harassing citizens illegally, & no it’s over

Oh, & Bloomberg should can the police chief who has been the

once in charge of this illegal shit the whole time. But he won’t

mostly because he’s still too worried about “Large Soda” crime

Tomorrow: The EmbASSY Closings Hosing, I promise

Have a day!

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