Rushin’ For The Door

July 30th, 2013

Seems Rush & Hannity are officially over, done, finished, toast

(enjoy the drugs!)

They don’t have the audience, the ratings, or the ad money any

more. They don’t have jack or shit really. Oooooooooooooooops

You see, ignorance, hate, lies & racism don’t sell well nowadays

Cumulus is treating them both like pants at a prom & dropping

them fast. 48 out of 50 advertisers refused to buy “ad space” on

their shows. These two “bloviating bags of barf” cost them $2.4

(that’s all folks!)

million in lost ad revenue. It seems the “cost” of ignorant racist

hate, is simply too much. Look, it’s not about black & white. It’s

all about green; & when these lying hate peddlers aren’t getting

it in truck loads, it over. It seems society is waking up, & raising

the bar over these spiteful spewing sacks of crap. But, I’m sad to

see them go. They did more damage to the ‘TeaOP’ than anyone

(truth hurts)

else. Meh, they’ll both still be active in the hate party, you watch

Tomorrow: The Former Big Weiner Is Now A “Lil’ Limp Dick”

Have a day!

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