Baseless Balls

July 29th, 2013

It seems our National Past time has a tiny problem. As in

a tiny set of testicles, a tiny penis, & a tiny HOF ceremony

(dirty needle?)

The “Roid” era in baseball was different. It wasn’t just the

“cheating”; it was a blatant “You know you want it” rapey

attitude they strutted around with. It was like….”I can hit

the big long ball, so don’t ask how the cake’s made idiots”

Well, it seems the world DID ask how the cake was made

and we all choked on the bad ingredients. It tainted MLB

(cheating SOB’s)

Ha ha ha, I typed “taint”. Meh, it just makes the past of a

slew of amazing players look that much brighter to us all

To all those in baseball who did it ‘right’, your house will

remain untouched, unstained, & unmarked by it all. But

to those who lied, doped, & laughed; joke’s in your pants

No one will make the HOF this year, & I say, “Thank you”

Have a day!

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