It seems the Democrats Anthony Weiner & Elliot Spitzer don’t

(Weiner Man)

mind about their sexual indiscretions, but will “Voters” mind?

You’ll be shocked at the reaction, Weiner’s “polling well”. Zing

Spitzer won’t be swallowed by any opponent. But what does it

say about our selection of potential office holders when 1 guy

flashed his flesh flag on line, & the other guy spent more cash

on hookers than Vegas does in two weeks? It tells me that the


voters don’t give a shit about your personal life so long as you

actually vote correctly on shit that helps society & makes it all

function correctly. Wow, it is “clear” that the Republicans blow,

but I guess some of the Democrats will gladly pay to be on the

receiving end of it all. Meh, if Sanford can get elected, why not

Louis Black Tears Perry New Shit Shoot

It seems Rick Perry can’t do much right these days, but now he

is even “pissing off other states”. Yes, he is sending out all these

(Pow pow!)

campaign video’s & commercials to “put down” other states and

claim “Texas is better for business” than their own state. It’s like

another women walking up to you and your wife during dinner &

saying, “She won’t take it in a ass & let you sploog, BUT I WILL”

Well, TDS’s Louis Black decided to put this together as a “Nice

Little Reply” to that idea. And it was amazingly very New York


The old phrase is, “Don’t Mess With Texas”, well it seems that

now NYC’s telling you “Don’t Fuck With New York”. Nail, meet

head. And with Perry not running again, this sad sack of older

school nonsense can crawl under his “Ni**erhead Ranch” rock

Here is a good Elizabeth Warren run down of the proposed law

Have a day!

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