‘George Zimmerman’ was acquitted of murder charges. The jury

(creepy dude)

of 6 women(5 white & 1 hispanic) came back with their verdict on

Saturday evening, & ruled. Justice wasn’t served, but our system

spoke, & followed the rules. The prosecution was shitty, & if you

saw any coverage, this train wreck offered, “a reasonable doubt”

The main issue with out legal system is this: if the rolls were now

reversed, & a black man following a white teen was told not to go


near him, this happened, & the black man killed them; they’d be

in jail. Period. It’s not right, it needs to be fixed, & the equal laws

should be applied. BUT we are not there yet. We should not just

assume all black people are criminals, or all white people are not

The truth lies somewhere in the way society treats, views, & holds

us ALL accountable. To pour salt in the wound, Zimmerman’s bro

(mega asshole)

decided to unleash a hateful, bigoted, & ‘shitty view’ here. What a

total fucking asshole loser piece of shit. Wow, we got a LONG way

to go in this country before we have justice, fairness, and equality

Last Post On “Teddy Fuckspin

Speaking of bad racial shit, Turd Nugent wants to kill black people

(I suck balls)

in “South Central” from a helicopter. What a charming racist POS

He also had this racist gem to say about the Travyon Martin ruling

“dope smokin, racist gangsta………always taking the violent route”

I will not be posting on Ted Nugent until he’s dead or in jail. Heck,

it’s his own fucking idea so I will gladly follow his own advice here

In fact, it’s clear Ted is a huge racist asshole, and you do not need

to do anything but listen to him spewing such awful, low tiny hate

(derpy derp!)

Shine a light on an asshole racist fucker who wants it. Turd can go

stick his dick up his own anus, & kindly go fuck himself……forever

The show tonight in Woodstock was a blast. Thanks to all the great

golfers, Richard, Barb, Turk, & Steven’s who made this sooo great!

Have a day!

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  2. Yün cami hal?s?

    Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.

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