Sequester Fester Detester

February 26th, 2013

It’s slated to kick in on Friday. If you don’t know what it is,

then you’ve been living in a van down by the river. It’s the

(“government cheese!”)

“instant cuts” that are going to take place after March 1st

This $85 billion in cuts are to military, the Department of

Homeland Security, Boarder Patrol, most Social Security,

Medicaid, Medicare, SEC, FBI, FDA, FEMA, & many more

Cuts are very evenly split for domestic & defense spending

(“tell me more…”)

Who is at fault? Well, both parties. So Republican’s are the

turds who created it in the 2011 debt ceiling debate. But it

is the Democrats who agreed to it. Which is mostly because

we already fucking owed THAT $. They gave in to the child

Now Republican’s will mock Obama & the Democrats every

step of the way for agreeing to their big stupid fucking deal

If any economist, thinks “cuts” now, when the economy’s in

(you idiots)

this shape is a good thing; they’re not worth a cup of cat piss

My guess is Obama & Dems will roll this up tight, & cram it

right up their ass’s since 18 of 19 programs tested, majorities

want either to increase spending/maintain it at current levels

My prediction: they’ll kick the can down the road, and punt

to a later date in the fall. And they will pass something this


summer that cuts a little defense, SS, & a few entitlements

It’s a shitty, awful, terrible “grand bargain” that once again

fucks the poor, middle class & people who paid; and it gives

all the loophole taxes breaks back to the wealthy. Weaksauce

Have a day!

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