WWE Bigot Tea Party Character

February 21st, 2013

Jack Swagger is his name, & the Tea Party Don’t Tread On Me is

his meme. His manager’s Zeb Colter with an unstable Militia feel

(a gig’s a gig)

It has tons of conservative wrestling fans, flipping out about this

Showing most conservative wrestling fans big hypocrisy: had no

problem with the Iron Sheik, Saba Simba, Akeem, the Mexicools

(they enter riding lawn mowers), and many more. BUT if´╗┐ THEIR

southern partisan ethnic background is mocked, “Ohhhh nooooz”

(Don’t Turd On Me)

Some of the butt-hurt knuckle draggers took to twitter with dumb:

Sister Toldjah
“I see the @wwe is crapping all over the Tea Party right now w/the
Jack Swagger gimmick. #NotCool#raw#wwe#smackdown#tcot”

Mark Scudder
“@WWE What the fuck are you doing with this Zeb Coulter guy? A
heel with a Tea Party stereotype angle? Do you still want my money?”

Melissa Clouthier
“So the #wwe announcers just said Jack Swagger is like Alex Jones
and Rush Limbaugh. They had a Don’t Tread On Me poster.”


Just some of the twat tweets, but you can read more here if you like

Jack AKA “Jacob Hager” was arrested & charged with driving under

the influence of an illegal substance, weed possession, and speeding

Don’t have any problem with him smoking weed. It should be legal

But Jacob is now doing “method acting”, & actually becoming a TT

(tea time)

(TT is short for Tea Turd. We’d also accept Idiot, Douche, or Fucko)

Have a day!

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