Happy Abe Day, & BS Bubble Babble

February 18th, 2013

Nice Stove Pipe hat you have right there. Oh, it’s not a hat, you are

(“hipster” Lincoln)

just happy to see me? Ohhhhhhhhhh, a weak sauce penis joke then

It’s Abe’s Day today, or “Holy Shit We Get The Day Off” for the rest

of us. Whatever you’re doing today if it’s gluing googly eyes on rocks

or shaving your chest hair, just think WWAD “What Would Abe Do”

The answer is always “He’d of freed the fucking slaves, that’s what”

(“it’s all about my jams”)

but seriously, if you’re thinking of going to the theater today…..Abe

wouldn’t. Abe would stay home, get really high, & jerk off in a sock

In honor of Abe Day, make sure to fold a $5 so it is just his picture

Either that, or flip all the “take a penny leave a penny’s” to heads up

The “Friends Of Hamas” BS

It’s sounds like a support group, or rec center with a ping pong table

It’s actually a right wing bubble make up lie about Mr. Chuck Hagel

(sad but true)

When you can’t win a national electorate, & people aren’t voting for

your party because it only serves the TOP 3% & corporate interests

It’s time to lie, & LIE BIG Baby! Forget there is no such group that

even exists. Forget there is no source/facts to support this lie. And

(“I’m full of shit”)

forget it came from the lying partisan epicenter of “Stupidtown” at from Ben Sharpio. The Republican party isn’t an actual

political party any longer. It is a final stage cancer patient in major

denial that anything is even wrong. They are currently in the denial

phase of coping with “death”. Can you believe there are still 4 more

(“what did you say?”)

stages in DABDA? Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance

I honestly don’t think they’re capable of the final “acceptance” ever

In there alternate world “nothing’s wrong”, “Mitt was elected”, & all

minorities love the GOP even though all their policies just hate them

Have a day!

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