The Conservative Rift On Mittens

September 14th, 2012

Mitts Libya fuck up, which as of me typing has still not apologized for,

(Mad Mitt)

has caused a serious big rift among the GOP. It’s not “grand”, it’s “old”,

and it’s anything but a “party” these days. Prominent Republican’s like

WSJ Noonan, Sununu, Scarborough, Ridge, Salter, a close McCain aid,

& Huntsman said “a disaster”. Today’s GOP is more of an asylum & an

alternate universe devoid of facts. You have grown adults, ignoring the

facts & reality as if the rest of the world “doesn’t get it”. Ahem; we all

get it. We are the only adults. You’re loud children mentally detached

from reality. They have the intellectual heft of a spank sock. The only

thing the current version of the Republican party offers is a world in

which facts are meaningless, insults or lies are policy, and big lunacy

To date, the following Tea Party nuts have demonstrated ZERO under

(“Ok Libya…” pause)

standing of our current foreign policy, what is actually occurring, and

do not know anything about history: Mitt, Rience, Kyl, Portman, Paul,

Palin, McCain, Ingraham, Rush, Forbes, West, Graham, Hannity, FOX,

Coulter, & all Tea Party GOP’ers who can’t find Libya on a fucking map

When you don’t know something, raise your fucking hand and ask. You

shitwits see complex issues as if, “Hey, I can just wing it”. No, you can’t

(“Wait, I have more”)

Answers takes intelligence, nuance, & understanding the basic situation

Ever try “winging” a math problem? IT HAS AN ANSWER, and YOU do

not got it. It’s like a student loudly berating a teacher who has the damn

answer saying, “NO, you’re answer sheet is WRONG”. You have to now

look at the chronic “F” student thinking, “You might be mentally insane”


(TP’s home street)

We have google, Bing, Yahoo. A 6th grader could debate the GOP & win

But oh how they try. They think “See, I’m dancing perfectly to the music”

Yes you are, but it’s at a wedding on top of the cake table you big turdhole

It’s a sad sign their party is dying. Their party used to think, listen, know

complex policy, & seek to understand facts. Today’s party is something I

have never seen in my lifetime which created a world that rejects all the

(“my policy: flags & guns”)

basic facts, and a hate caricature of president Obama that doesn’t exist

Most normal people call that either a pathological liar, or clinically nuts

Loony Laura Ingraham said: “If you can’t beat Barrack Obama, with this

record, then shut down the party. Shut it down”. Then the talking chair

hemorrhoid Rushole finally declared, “If Obama wins it’s the end of the

(Why listen?)

Republican party”. It’s Ok, settle down shit spewers. You’re almost there

The Ciaro, Libya, And All US Embassy Protests Explained

Each location has it’s own specific environment, situation, & set of facts

For example in Morocco 3-400 showed up, no violence, it was peaceful

(Not that peaceful)

In Yemen it was significantly more than all that. They breached the first

wall, and hung up the black & white Allah flag. They stopped there, but

still something totally unacceptable. In Tunisia, rocks & stones thrown

with about 200 people, a massive minority. The sad events in Libya are

from a small sect. The Muslim Brotherhood LOST that election & badly

(So long to you)

The people of Libya are amazing. They fought for their freedom, & will

always be our allies, period. That was the whole problem, the radicals

were pissed at being politically marginalized. The US is working right

with them to bring the murders to justice. They will succeed. Obama

said those exact words, & is working with them. They have 4 suspects

The 1 big wild card in the bunch is Egypt. Obama had some very harsh

(Listen up Morsi)

words for them on Telemundo to the question “Would you consider the

current Egyptian regime an ally of the United States?”. His answer was:

“I don’t think that we would consider them an ally, but we don’t consider

them an enemy. They are a new government, that is trying to find its way

They were democratically elected. I think that we are going to have to see

how they respond to this incident. Eh, how they respond to maintaining

the peace treaty with Israel. If they take action it’ll be a real big problem”

Mohamed Morsi, the current Egyptian guy in charge, is sending mixed

messages. The security didn’t stop the breach, & it took him 48hours to

send a “oh, that is terrible & wrong” sort of message afterwards. It was

actually AFTER Obama has those strong words. If he isn’t even willing


to protect our US Embassy, we will have problems with them. See, he

has some sect of the Muslim Brotherhood to appease. After all they did

win some power in an open elections. Would we prefer that they didn’t?

Yes, but sometimes you must seek the political change through reason

For example, the free moderates hold much more power. If people see

this shit, they will vote moderate to get the extremist element out of the

system. Like the Tea Party here, no? How do you think the world felt

(Not good)

when Bush won? Hey, we don’t all vote in others elections. Then what

does this all really mean? Better yet, what is the reason for all this shit?

It’s a “last gasp” for radical extremism cause they’ve already lost badly

They’ve been marginalized politically, so now they are screaming like

the Tea Party did. “I want my Egypt BACK!”. Where “women were all

subjugated, we hated the west, & wanted to wipe out Israel”. Um, no

your views are not popular. People under 60 don’t follow you views of

hate, xenophobia, & violence. The internet gives people facts, reality,

and understanding of the world as it actually is. Your views are over

Have a day!

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