Biker Biden, The Lift, & It Burns

September 11th, 2012

Guess we can expect old Joe at the Sturgis rally soon air bushing titties

(dudes faces say it all)

Listen, we get it. You’re a “man of the people”. But some people do not

like you because you’re “the man”. Sort of in the way drug dealers don’t

like cops. Sure the cop may be a fine person, but it’s what they represent

Meh, at least it just a photo, & there’s not one of of his pants puppet out

*show photo of Joe Biden with a big ass tattooed wang hanging out*

(“Wanna ride ladies?”)

Then it was on to the newest Olympic sport: Presidential Power-Lifting

A pizza owner Scott Van Duzer of Big Apple pizza in Florida bear hugged

Obama. Silly fun, he’s a Republican small business owner. What did the

internet American Taliban right do? Oh, a Yelp flame war on the owner

Virally voting down his business. You can read the comments right here

(A game of “pick up”?)

He’s a Republican, they need his vote. But no policy & hate won’t get it

Odd, I guess Republican’s only like small “Republican” business’s. The

Democratic one’s can all go fuck themselves in their Merica. How classy

Bottom line is, we have paid GOP PAC spammers on-line everyday who

show an irrational hatred for Obama not about policy. It’s called racism


Then the best thing I’ve read all year was this letter to Democrat Emmet

Burns from Viking kicker Chris Kluwe. Let me first explain what exactly

happened. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo has voiced

his support for for a Maryland ballot initiative that would legalize same-

sex marriage statewide. That’s when Maryland Democratic state delegate

(Equal rights)

decided to write to Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti barking that he “inhibit

such expressions from your employee”, & that he “be ordered to cease &

desist such injurious actions”. He closed with the idea no other NFL’ers

were doing this. Well, now enter Minnesota punter Chris Kluwe’s letter

He ripped Burns a new shit shoot. 1st, calling out as a politician he must

(Kwool punter)

not have read the constitution or the first amendment about free speech

Oh, it gets better. He takes his argument right back to him with this part

“How does gay marriage affect your life in any way, shape, or form? Are
you worried that if gay marriage became legal, all of a sudden you’d start
thinking about penis? (“Oh shit. Gay marriage just passed. Gotta get me
some of that hot dong action!”)…I can assure you that gay people getting
married will have zero effect on your life. They won’t come in your house
& steal your children. They won’t magically make u a lustful cockmonster”

It’s stings, it hurts, it Burns. It’s the equivalent of a metal chair in wrestling

(Irony: minority vs. minority)

This is a civil rights issue, allowing equal protection under the law…period

Want to thank you. We hit 20 million views. It’s all because of you readers

Bear vs. Packers this Thursday, it’s on like a light switch. Just don’t suck

Have a day!

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