In what might go down as one the oddest things I’ve ever seen in my life

Clint Eastwood was a “special guest” at the final night of the convention

(My “Gary Busey” impression)

He came out. He looked older, weaker, and far less a man in far bigger a

suit. His hair was sticking up higher, his voice weaker. He rambled, and

he stumbled. He talked to an empty chair as if the person sittin’ in it was

the president of the United States, Barrack Obama. At one point, he then

pretended the POTUS asked him to stop talking “I’m not going to shut up”

(It won’t answer back)

said Eastwood to the chair. “It’s my turn”. But he wasn’t done yet. Oh no

He had 5 minutes. He took 12. But the creepiest part was this thing to me

“When somebody does not do the job, we’ve got to let them go” *Eastwood
made a throat-slitting gesture* “I’m speaking out for everybody out there.
We don’t have to…vote for somebody we don’t really want in office.”

He has officially now become an insane shell of a man. That saddens me

The reality show was one thing, but this is either a man about to die, or

a man who is now one clown short of a full circus. This whole post both

(“Oh is this seat taken?”)

hurts & it saddens me. He’ll always be a great actor, director, & man, but

now has a big smudge at the end. It is hard to watch your hero’s douche

it up hard. But he did, & this will go down as the oddest convention flop

He was the first speaker. Then Marco Rubio was going to introduce Mitt

The worst loser of the night was Mitt because he gave a good speech. Not

(Let me shake YOUR hand)

a great one, but good. The bottom line is I want to know more about him

His story IS interesting. He is someone who’s upbringing I like. But that’s

only 20% of the story. What about the other 80%. HIS plan, his views on

stuff, his taxes, his bold ideas to turn things around. He has never said

anything. Not a thing. Platitudes are neat, but where is the meat? There

is none right now. And that is a BIG problem for this Republican ticket

Along with the Medicare lie again, & mocking Obama. It’s all they have

(Where’s the policy meat?)

All flash, with Obama bashing but zero substance won’t win. Policy will

Mitt’s mini shine was just tarnished when Clint’s “crazy” stole the show

And when Mitt said, “I wanted Obama to succeed”, all I could think at

the time was “You’re so full of shit, you’re a brand new shade of brown”

Have a weekend!

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