Condi spoke great, McCain addressed his “my friends”, & goofy

(“Now chill out nuts”)

hats of every kind or design were on display for the world to see

Then Ryan AKA Mr. “Baby Blues Trust Me” took the RNC stage

Front and center. He looked the part, spoke the part, & was good

He gave it to Obama hard, tried to appeal to swing voters(Damn

I love that insane term about sex craved voters), & threw out the

(“I’m gonna pinch you all”)

red meat. They ate it all up, no fork was needed, they used hands

The only problem is once you dust off the words, & get into that

meat. There were holes so damn big they’ll never be filled again

He decided to say something that was easily proven a mega lie:

“Right there at that plant(GM auto plant in Janesville), candidate
Obama said: ‘I believe that if
our government is there to support
you this plant will be here for
another 100 years.’ That’s what he
said in 2008,
turned out, that plant didn’t even last another year.”

(“Wait, say what?”)

One big problem with that big lie. The plant halted production in

December 2008 under Bush. Obama didn’t take office for another

month well before he enacted a more robust auto industry bailout

that rescued GM & Chrysler allowing the majority of their plants to

stay in operation. Why do that? Then came another, where he said:

“The biggest, coldest power play of all in Obamacare came at the
expense of the elderly, so they just took it all away from Medicare
$716 billion dollars cut out of Medicare by President Obama.”

(“This lie is even better”)

Forget you’ve read the fact here that it is a “savings” because of the

AHCA(obamacare) kicking in, and forget that Ryan has the EXACT

same savings in his own plan which don’t effect Medicare patients

directly, it’s unimportant to tell people facts. It is more important

to win power back, & get the “other” out to have “our country back”

(Ryan’s kids are tired)

This race has NOW become something Mitt and Ryan didn’t want

It has now become a “record versus reality” issue. What Paul said

was rising, accessible, & painted them as “different”, or “new”, &

“above all the politics of DC”. Um, one big problem here. Paul has

been in DC since 1999. He has a record, & holy shit is he trying to

run away from it at light speed. Why? Because he trapped himself

into the Tea Party BS, & that’s actually the EXACT opposite of how

he voted in the Bush years from 2000-2008. Paul Ryan 2000-08,

(“Whatever you want W”)

I’d like to introduce you to newly remade Tea Party budget cutting

Paul Ryan of 2012. You two will have a lot to talk about since you

hold the exact opposite fucking views nowadays. He’s now against

the stimulus $, & even said, “No, I never asked for stimulus”. But,

he actually did. The Tea Party hates it, so what’s his response now?

“Oh, that, well my office handles constituent requests, and we were
just listening to what our people wanted helping them get stimulus”

(Wait, WHAT?)

Ah yes, so your ideology TODAY, which is different from your views

before now says, “That’s bad now”. But when asking for it “it’s good”

Now, the one valid thing I did find him say was how “Obama has not

solved the housing crisis”. I agree, but then what’s THEIR solution

The main key here is to stop just identifying yourself with a “brand”

or this “team” as if you’re “rooting for them”. Let all the facts speak

(Well no shit)

for both parties, & then you decide. If one side has total BS, call it

out, accept it, then move on. Don’t defend them as if it’s your team

Since your “team” policy wise might not give a flying fuck about you

They’re tying to pick off “stupid people” who “vote” with their “gut”

Don’t be a “stupid gut voter people”, please. Know exactly what it

is that you are getting from both parties, then you have the all best

weapons in a voting booth. Without em, you end up with W. Bush

Gawker Released Mitt’s Bain Capital Tax Returns

Mitt recently said, “I don’t think everybody likes me”. Well, not gays

black people, Latino’s, women, middle class, the poor, teachers, cops

(Um, no thanks)

lawyers, unions, democrats, progressives, many conservatives, teens

college kids, Mexicans, Libertarians, or anyone who is not he top 3%

Yes Mitt, you’re just like us aren’t you? We all know what it is like to

grow up wealthy, attend all the best schools, have success handed to

(Don’t hate me)

em, & are now worth $250 million. You know, like all those others in

the top 1% who have done the exact same thing. It’s not jealousy, it is

the rest of country basically asking, “Hey, times aren’t only hard here,

we’re all dying. And I fucking pay more in taxes then your hairy ass?”

His Bain days are all broken down well right here. He’s holding his $

(Tonight’s the night)

around $250 million mostly in offshore accounts based in the Cayman

Islands. Mittens handles his wealth with exotic tax-avoidance schemes

available only to the preposterously wealthy that benefit him. It’s just

for the uber wealthy to avoid them. Like our great forefather never did

Tonight Mittens takes the stage to mildly make super right Tea Party

types say “He’s rich and white so that’s way better than Obama to us”

Have a day!

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