Between Ann standing by her robotic Ken Doll husband, the tan man,

the fat man, & Fuckabee; the evening was all gratitude, and platitudes

(“Suck it Paul delegates!”)

It’ll be the exact same BS at the Democratic mega stage show. The key

is closely looking past all the barking barbs & banter at their platforms

They’ll try distracting you from their policy with the lights, loud generic

sayings like “restore America”, “That’s what it takes to lead”, “That’s not

our vision of ‘Merica, *insert insult against Obama here*”, & big visuals

(Then I ate the baby)

After you get though all the smoke & mirrors, what exactly is left then?

The 1 thing that should be important to everyone. All their policy views

The GOP got together to build a platform as a road map for their policy:

-Current pornography & obscenity laws will be vigorously enforced
-Constitutional amendment overturning Roe VS. Wade
-Calling our current efforts “A failed National Security policy”
-No abortions for victims of incest/rape
-Repeal The Affordable Healthcare Act(Obamacare)
-Oppose equal rights for gay citizens
-Oppose women fighting in combat
-Human Life Amendment granting fetus’s citizen’s rights
-Opposes federally funded stem-cell research
-Extend the Bush tax cuts permanently
-End all taxes on interest, dividends, Estate, & capital gains
-Voter suppression federally requiring ALL voters to have photo ID
-Medicare-want to raise the age, & make it a voucher system
-Stop all DOJ lawsuits against tough illegal immigrant measures
(Let Joe Arpaio keep denying rights to citizens since he’s racist)
-And make desecration of the flag illegal(fuck off 1st amendment)
-Restructure the Post Office(AKA, let’s gut it ending it)

They have more. But in their own words, this is to “make America freer”

Now they’ll sheepishly say, “But we don’t believe all those”. Then why do


you bother to write it down? They’ll try to do these, they said they would

It’s titled the Freedom Platform. It doesn’t sound like a lot of freedom to

me at all. Odd, I thought they hated big government. AGAIN, they don’t

The stopping porn really stuck out to me. HOLY SHIT they lost voters on

this one. The best irony here? The highest porn users are in RED STATES

(Oh, jeeeeez)

The funniest part of the night for me, was country musician Lane Turner

performing a song called “I Built It”…sung in a big stadium built with tax

payer money, at a GOP convention with $18 million in taxpayer subsidies

(You built the set you’re on?)

This sums up the current Republican party very well. Selfish, detached,

Rush Limbaugh red-neckey, and massively fucking stupid. It’s all so sad

My irony meter along with my hypocrisy & stereotype meter all blew up

It’s just a bevy of folks all coming together to loudly celebrate ignorance

It’s like someone with an F on their test waving it yelling “you dumbass

(“I’m brilliant!”)

When seeing your A-, you just sort of laugh shake your head then realize,

these people should NEVER be near a position of power in government,

ever. Then you next remember, these idiots have the right to vote. Folks,

we have officially arrived at Idiocracy in the Republican party, and it will

only get worse from here. You can book it like drunk jerking off in public

Sorry, I got the Mitt story ready, so wait for tomorrow. It is Ryan tonight

For those in Isaac’s way, be safe today, stay inside, and play Scrabble…..

If you will kindly excuse me. I have to go whack off now while I still can

Have a day!

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