Chris Matthews Rips Reince

August 28th, 2012

The RNC’s latest lap dog Reince Pribus can blurt lies with aplomb

Oh, if you take out all the vowels in Reince Pribus’s name, you get:

(War on intelligence)

RNC PR BS. Let’s think about that for a moment. Well old Riencey

was on doing his usual spinpitchdeflect campaign on Morning Joe

When Chris Matthews ripped him a new shitter chute. Now I’m not

one to just have some guy screaming at the other guy to answer and

not letting them speak. It makes for good TV, but bad debate for us

(“It was a joke”)

to realize all the issues that are raised. In my view, Mika(the blond)

and Joe really fucked things up badly. Here, watch the whole thing

The idea it was a “joke” is not a valid argument. When Obama joked

about it, it was to defuse the hate, lower the temperature, & take the

high road. When Mitt said his joke, it was a direct appeal to “birther”


voters who REALLY BELIEVE IT’S TRUE. It wasn’t meant to defuse,

it was meant to wink & agree: “If you think like that, I’m YOUR guy”

IMO, Chris took it too far; let the fucking guy speak will you? Don’t

just hammer someone with questions without letting them answer

At that point, you’re no better than FOX news. Actually, you’re worse


Because you’re always complaining about the very thing you’re doing

The bottom line here is Reince didn’t have any response, just “Well

Obama did it, & it’s a joke”. No buddy, the racial hate in our country

today from little cocksucking pricks like you is no “joke”. It is all too

real, with horrible outcomes. Chris, do not compound it by stooping

(“I didn’t do it”)

down to their level. Because they will then beat you with experience

Ask the questions, let him try to answer. He will change the subject

To deny the harsh hateful racial tone in what Mitt said, is to be blind

Tomorrow: Mitt’s Big “Bain” problem, & more convention coverage

Have a day!

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