Kitten Armwrestling!

August 24th, 2012

We have 4-D movies, Lego’s & fat free fat. It was bound to happen

It’s so cool it’s spreading across the globe like tennis and bad STD’s

(Bring it bitch)

Those little kittens put up a good fight though. Just when they start

looking at you all “kitten eyed”, they go over the top on you…..quick

Oh, its only a matter of time until one gets it’s arm broken. You get

(There can be only one)

I’m talking about the human opponents right? Kitten’s are powerful

It is bound to become ESPN’s newest main event on every weekend

Lance Armstrong Cock Punch!

Give them back Tour De Lance. Hell, his new motto is “Give Strong”

Cheatey McCheater has now officially been banned for life, & had to

(“So long career”)

give up his 7 Tour De France titles. From 1999 to 2005 doesn’t exist

Wait, what about his dick move to fly the Texan flag at the massive

hotel the winners stay at, can he take that back too? What a douche

(His “package” went postal)

Maybe next time “ball cancer” can try not cheating to win. Meh, it’s

not the Texas way. Everything’s bigger in Texas, including cheaters

Have a weekend!

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