Akin For More Punishment

August 22nd, 2012

Todd Akin will stay in the race. Good for him, he has strong convictions

He’s a guy built on principles. Unfortunately for him, they are all crazy:

(My ideas are awesome!)

He said, “I misspoke one word in one sentence on one day, and all of a
sudden, overnight, everybody decides, `Well, Akin can’t possibly win’

Buddy, you don’t get it. This isn’t about being pro-life, or pro-choice. it

just isn’t. It’s also not about “misspeaking”, or a “gaffe”. Shit, you totally

wish it was. It is about two main things: One, knowing 6th grade Biology

(The GOP to Todd)

And B, DARING to say the Republican position on rape/incest abortions

for every voter to see. THAT’S why the Republican’s are mad. His views

were just one of their “dirty little secrets” they don’t want people to SEE

Listening to his voice, he is a softer sociopath version of Jimmy Stewart

(It’s A Wonderful Rape!)

When a party’s views place the needs of the mother after that of a baby

it’s pretty heady sick stuff. It’s one of the, “I don’t think your principles

work out in this specific case the way you think they do” moments. The

victims of incest or rape would be legally forced to HAVE THE BABY in

ALL cases. Forget they were RAPED, or they’re too young to provide, or

(Triple down!)


who every time you look, you just SEE THE RAPISTS FACE IN THEM

No no no no no no….THOSE are not important. It is only that LIFE in

there that has value. Screw the girl, she’s just a big suitcase to carry

(And so does your policy)

my valuable nifty stuff. This is not about Democrats, the seat, or power

This is about POLICY that literally ignores rape victims rights, because

laws are being made by stupid insane men who know less than nothing

about Biology, reality, or basic facts a kid knows. That’s what this all is

Baywatch Star On Quest To Find Noah’s Ark?!?!

Donna D’Errico’s going to find it. Fuck archeologists, guides, experts, or

anyone else. SHE played a lifeguard on TV at one point. She can totally

(Weeeeee fun times!)

do this shit in her sleep right? Um, wrong Bob. She fell HARD down the

entire mountain side of Mount Ararat in Turkey. Here are a few pictures

(Face fail)

She now has sort of quit looking for the Arc. Oh goody. Maybe she’ll live

now. Versus trying to find a fictitious item from a work of fiction that’ll

lead her to “death by not being an expert climber mixed with stupidity”

Holy crap this is sad, stupid, & kind of funny. She’s not dead, but now


has the gift of “respect” for shit she has no fucking clue about in life. Oh

and get this. She sought to discover it because she’s loved at since a girl

Here’s to her next failed adventure “Donna D’Errico’s Unicorn Quest”

Have a day!

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