Todd put out a :30 ad to “ask for forgiveness”. It was so painful to see

The man basically says, “Oh no, this rape stuff IS serious. I flubbed the

(Oh look, “rape” stairs)

words but my heart is in the right place saying the rape victims should

carry to term. See, I got 2 daughters, so I totally “get” rape better now”

You can read his exact words in context from the odd spot right here:

“Rape is an evil act, I used the wrong words in the wrong way
and for that I apologize………….The mistake I made was in the
words I said, not in the heart I hold. I ask for your forgiveness”

(It’s true)

Hey Todd, think about that for ONE moment. You HAD TO freakin SAY

that “rape” is “bad”. Dude, do you SEE how that alone just makes you

check your views, what you said, & how utterly hatefully insane it was

If I have to begin a spot with, “Murdering a baby in the stroller with a

gun shooting their face off is an evil act”. But what was my premise to

(a “rape birth” episode?)

apologize for that? Did I say, “You know, I talked with some parents &

some babies can move so fast, even if you tried to shoot them in their

lil’ faces, you just can’t get a clean hit at all if they don’t want you too”

He didn’t “misspeak”, or “use the wrong words”. It’s that he “believes

wrong things”, “doesn’t know Biology”, and “fucking votes on this shit”

(Modern GOP address)

Oh, & the GOP is drafting a platform provision that calls for a “human

life amendment” to the Constitution: it’s a ban on all abortion with no

exceptions for rape or incest. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Every gal should know the joy of bring your rapists kid into the world

Luckily, we just got this new ad intro tagline they just released today:

“Hi, I’m Todd Akin, & I’m a fucking moron who doesn’t understand how
the human body works, & how irreversibly insane my hateful views are”

Hank Williams Jr. Does Awesome Talking Anus Impression

At a recent “redneck racist tuck nuts off” or what’s now passing as a Hank

Williams Jr concert. The bearded dirt button douche unleashed this gem:

(“I’m back racists!”)

“We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military,
the U.S. & we hate him!” Which aerial gun fire instantly followed

First off, the president “hates the military”? Oh sure, the CIC hates them

Oh, that makes sense. Based on what? Oh, you don’t base it on anything?

Cool, maybe next time you can stop being a racially charged douchebag

(Average listener)

Second, he’s not Muslim, not that there is anything wrong with that as

well. He’s a Christian from Hawaii. These racist fuckwits can’t even make

up their minds. If he’s a black liberation racist by Reverend Wright, then

how exactly is a Muslim also? Oh right, he has his “Double Secret Religion”

(“I hate facts la la la”)

turned on. They’re all stupid, scared, older white people confused that our

country’s now made of all CITIZEN’S with equal rights. They liked it more

before when it was only god fearing white folks could truly enjoy the great

spoils of ‘Merica. They want their country back, turning it into the 1400’s

Have a day!

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