The Voter Fraud FRAUD

August 20th, 2012

Republican’s care deeply about “voter fraud”. This is an epidemic

By “epidemic”, I mean all “.00004%” of it. You’re more likely to be

(“It’s eeeeeeeevil”)

attacked by a great white shark…while being struck by lightening

at the exact the same time, than experience in person voter fraud

Since 2000, there have been 13 cases of in person voter fraud. 13!

We got 146 million registered voters. There have been 600 million

(oh jeeeez)

votes or there about since 2000. Death by vending machine has 10

X the amount of cases with 130 deaths since 2000. Now; the GOP

would never dream of voter suppression of our Democratic process

just because they felt without it Obama would win big. They would

not EVER create these laws to directly even out the odds that Mitt

(Oh shit)

can get closer by cheating citizens voting rights in our constitution

The Republican party’s entire platform IS voter suppression. Listen

to founding GOP dude Paul Weyrich who explained their goal here:

“I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority
of people. They never have been from the beginning of our country.
Our leverage quite candidly goes up, as voting populus goes down”

(“Pretty clear”)

Well, you might say, “But John, honestly, would Republican’s really

fucking do that type of evil, disgusting, hateful shit? Don’t they even

have some sort of standards of American decency? Don’t they?”. No,

they don’t. You want to hear it first hand? Then listen to Mike Turzai

(“I’m a dick, DONE”)

“Voter ID, which is going to allow Romney to win our state, DONE”

He is Pennsylvania’s Republican majority leader. The truly sad part?

The judge in Pennsylvania UPHELD it? WTF?!?! When you can’t win

the votes of the poor, black people, youths, middle class, or urbanites

The answer’s simple. Then don’t let em fucking vote, problem solved

Clay Akin’s Insane Uncle Todd Knows All About “Rape”

Turns out Missouri Republican candidate running for Senate has this

problem. About the horrible act of “rape”, he thinks “If it’s a legitimate

rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down”

(You fucking moron)

Oh, yes, the old “Biology Emergency Shut Down Button” we all have

Oh, it’s gets worse. This is the part that is hatefully disgusting to all:

“1st of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape]

is really rare”. If you call 32,000 per year “rare”? I think those women

(“Eat me ladies!”)

might like to have a word with you. They’ll strap on rusty metal spikes

& kick you on your penis 50 times. When you howl they’ll say, “If it’s a

legitimate groin kick, the male body has ways to shut down the pain”

He thinks if a women gets raped, she must legally keep the child. Oh

(“There’s rape, & rape rape”)

that makes no fucking sense at all. Yes, see when you get raped, it is

vital you carry that reminder of evil hate, & your sexual safety being

ripped from you forever to term. Oh, & NO, it’s won’t cause you any

mental or grave psychological effects that could lead to depression or

even suicide from being forced to have the baby of the person who

(so long election)

RAPED YOU. See, according to Dr. Fuckface, your “ovaries” were

“just asking for it”. This man or anyone who remotely holds any of

these ignorant insane hateful views should be NOWHERE NEAR a

position of power, or influence. He should take a fucking 6th grade

Biology class. He did finally say, “I misspoke”. Which we all know by

now really means, “I accidentally said exactly what I think”. FIDIOT

RIP Tony Scott

Director of The Last Boyscout, Top Gun, & many many more is dead

he jumped off a bridge. That sucks. It appears he had terminal cancer

(Pretty “gay” scene)

What a shitty way to go. Meh, he did try to put some “flair” into it all

but next time, please don’t jump from a freaking bridge. It’s oddly sad

Have a day!

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