If you use your 6-year old son to parrot Tea Party lies it says 2 things:

One; your economic, social, or political message is so simple a tiny kid

(“My parents suck!”)

can appear to get it. 2, it’s immature manipulative shit a kid might say

Classy! 6 year-old Isaac Anthony is on this YouTube clip titled “6 Year-

Old Gives Ten Reasons NOT to Vote For Obama“. In the description it

says, “Isaac Anthony is a conservative 6-year-old who knows where he

(“Just chopping wood”)

stands on political issues & the upcoming Presidential election”. Odd,

the 6 year-old’s I know can’t pick matching clothes, eat their booger’s

& some times piss the fucking bed. But not Isaac, he’s figured it all out

Warning, this video makes you feel sorry for the kid, and start puking

(Adorable Hitler Youth)

For those who can’t take the insane hateful ignorance; here is the list:

10- Takes $ from people who work hard, & gives to people who don’t
9- He wants everyone to wait in long lines to see your doctor
8- Thinks babies are a burden
7- Wants people on welfare & food stamps so they’ll vote for him
6- He doesn’t want Americans to drill for oil or mine for coal
5- He lets bad guys into our country
4- He wants to take guns away from good guys
3- Mr. & Mrs Obama are not proud of America, but I am
2- He bows down to leaders of other countries…embarrassing
1- Nobody knows where he came from

Clearly he grasps all the political things he said. He’s versed in facts:

10- taxes created social safety nets for the poor since the 1900’s
9- straw man, we don’t have single payer. That is a lie, pure fantasy
8- not even worth addressing, roe vs wade is law
7- massive majority of welfare rolls are filled with white Republicans
6- he loves it, just done safely, without damaging workers or nature
5- then so has every sitting POTUS since Washington w/o reform
4- not ONE anti-gun law created. Not ONE. He has an F from Brady
3- claiming the POTUS isn’t proud of our country is clinically INSANE
2- etiquette & cultural courtesy now mistaken as “weakness” by dolts
1- VERY racist. He was born in Hawaii. “Birthers” are racist idiots

To the Tea Party asshole’s who made up this crap. You’re the worst in

us all. Just filled with hate, lies, & arrogantly proud of your ignorance

If you want to bitch about Obama, then pick the shit he’s actually done

(“I’m brainwashed”)

You offer the world less then nothing. The world’s worse b/c of you…

In the clip’s outtakes the parents can be heard “coaching” him often

Now, this kid could grow up to be a normal, well adjusted kid. But he

will look back on this event with such profound sadness. He will also

(“My parents are racist”)

be so massively pissed off at his parents when he grows up knowing

they used him to promote their personal views of hateful ignorance

Do not be surprised to hear a story where he drives a bulldozer into

their living room knocking down their entire house. He’ll then softly

(Eat shit)

get out & say, “It’s for the video you factually ignorant manipulative

piles of donkey jizz. You are shitty human beings!”. I’m just sayin’…

Harry Reid Royally “Turds It Up”

Listen Harry, because Republican’s are d-bags of epic levels doesn’t

mean you have to sink down to beat them at their game. Then again

(Wait, what did I say?)

maybe it’s because you are as big of an asshole. He started it all by

attacking Mitt Romney on his tax returns saying, “Mitt hasn’t paid

taxes in the last 10 years”. Wait, WHAT? His proof? Oh yeah, that?

Well turns out…NOTHING. He said he had talked with a Bain guy

(I found this for you)

Who he can’t name, or directly offer any proof, just “he said so….”

Then he went on to add “His poor father must be so embarrassed

about his son”. Really? Fucking really? Doing the ol’ disappointed

dead dad? He’s a douche wagon, who should just pull over already


on the batshitcrazy Oregon trail. Meh, he’s not the 1st or the worst

but we come to expect less of that from Democrats. Good job fuck

wad, lower yourself to the deep depths of FOX douchbaggery levels

Have a day!

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