Biden went on the Sunday talk shows, & was in favor of same sex marriage

But then the mental judo crap by Jay Carney is now at big epic levels of BS

(“I’ll lie to you next”)

Whenever he says anything now my bullshit meter goes flying off the charts

Obama used to support same sex marriage in 1998 while in Illinois. But he

Walked that stance back when he became a presidential candidate. But now

(Catch the rainbow)

After Biden said that, Obama’s “views are evolving”. What? How’s it that

Something he approved of, then changed stances on, he now totally agrees

With Biden. It’s odd when the one guy in the room who sticks his foot in his

(Mouth gun)

Mouth often, is the only consistent adult in the fucking room. Obama is this:

“I want to do this, but I can’t, so I’ll try to hold both positions which is totally

impossible. But just watch me fucking try like hell to do it, then say I’m not”


What’s the saying, “Shit or stopping BS’ing your position on Gay marriage”

Shit Promney Conductor Of The Nutjob Train

Mitt Romney out on the campaign trail decided to take questions from folks

At a town hall meeting. A women got up and decided it was time to say this

(“Yes, you nutjob”)

Nonsense to him: “We have a president right now who is operating outside

the structure of our Constitution…I do agree he should be tried for treason”

His totally ignored it in his response to her: “As I’m sure you do, I happen to

(Suck it up)

….believe that the Constitution was not just brilliant, but probably inspired”

After wards while shaking hands reporters asked him if he agreed with the

Women. His response to that? “No, of course not”. Then why not directly

Address it when she lied about it then? “I don’t correct all of the questions


that get asked of me”. Oh cool, I like this game, can I play? Hey Mitt, does

Obama’s pending rape charges of that box of kittens weigh on your mind?

What’s that? I can’t hear you, please speak up. At least McCain corrected

That insane women calling Obama an “Arab”. Mitt also had the nuggets to

(Look at me)

Take credit for the “Auto Bailout”. Wait, what the fuck? This new Mittens

Should talk with 2008 Mitt who wrote an op-ed “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”

Holy shit. This is funny, sad, odd, & totally cool. Now I’ll take all the credit

For shit I totally disagreed with at the time. I invented Pillow Pets, & crack

(“I invented those”)

Republicans always love to change history to suit their views. Never study it

Mostly cause if they followed it closely, they’re always on the wrong side of it

It’d start to add up to one big complex always being wrong about everything

Next Romney will take credit for new jobs, ending Iraq, & killing Bin Laden

(Can’t hear you)

The entire Republican party is literally insane. If you put a basic non-partisan

Fact in front of them, they will scream “liar”, insult you, & then run back into

their bubble where facts, words, or reality simply don’t exist on any level. Sad

Have a day!

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