The Blinds That Tie…

May 1st, 2012

A blind activist lawyer named Chen Guangcheng made an amazing escape

From China. And he’s fucking blind. Did I mention he’s fucking blind? I’m

(Is that weed?)

Pretty impressed with him. Not only cause his last name rhymes with “Gang

Bang” but because he escaped from his “well guarded” home. How shitty is

It for the people who were tasked with guarding him? “Um, he was just so

(The security detail)

Fast we couldn’t see him. We know damn well he couldn’t see us. But it does

Make us all look like big mega turds when a blind guy makes us look so bad”

Now he’s protected by our US diplomats & Hilary which rocks. The only bad

(“You look good baby…I think”)

News is we owe China so much fucking $, we’ll have to give him back for a

“Store Credit” which pretty much sucks. Cool guy, maybe he can give tours

Of all the many paths he took……to escape the worse guards ever in history

“Cupping” The Fart Etiquette

When in bed with your lady, if you’re spooning each other, you must do this

When their tummy is in your butt nook, you better damn well do this or else

(Didn’t cup it)

If you don’t, you run the risk of never been spooned again, so you’re forked

Hey, it’s good advice. On the couch you can fart all you want. But it’s lonely

Have a day!

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