Rocky Mountain Way Gets Rockier…

September 15th, 2011

Illinois Tea Party Republican Representative Joe Walsh

Is now in hotter water over his unpaid child support

(Wait, I owe you $ too?)

Turns out, the judge also thinks so & ruled against him

They said it’s all on him to prove he doesn’t owe the $

(Bravo, wait…what?)

For a guy screaming “Fiscal Responsibility” at Obama

My irony meter is going off the charts

(It’s reading hot)

The man’s not only nuttier than Chinese chicken salad

He’s pretty much a douche dead beat dad hypocrite to boot

Who was “flat broke” at one point, but likes lecturing others on $

It’s classic Tea Turd insanity De Jour which we’re used to by now

(Oh, I’ll fu#king hit a chick)

I don’t go around lecturing people on swearing

Because I fucking do it a lot. I’d like to think I know my flaws

It’s part of life to have them, and I have many of them…

But these whack jobs are experts at pretending they don’t exist

(Feels like I owe something)

Remember, stupid always doubles down. Always…

Unshocking News: Pat Robertson’s Nucking Futs

He thinks once someone has Alzheimer’s

Then it’s OK to divorce them because, now get this:

“The disease is kind of like a death”

(I’m a douche of biblical levels)

So it’s covered under the “Till death do us part” of marriage vows

It was a response to a question about what advice to give to a pal

Who began stepping out on his spouse after she had Alzheimer’s

Captain kindness went on to say:

“I know it sounds cruel, but if he’s going to do something,
he should divorce her and start all over again –
but make sure she has custodial care and somebody looking after her”

(It’s a look)

But Pat, they won’t even remember you divorced them in the 1st place

Pat runs the 700 Club which either sounds like a high end strip joint

Or a golf bag selection for the greatest monster driver ever…

(The actual 700 Club)

When ever someone claims to speak on gods behalf

Place your hand over your wallet, and slowly back out of the room

Have a day!

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