It’s Funny When…

August 24th, 2011

Someone gets a pie to the puss…

And when someone says something super serious, wait a beat

Then their pants fall to the ground with no undies on

(Circle is the “attention zone”)

But in politics, nothing is funnier and sadder at the same time

Than the collection of people in today’s Tea Party

It’s white, older, middle-lower class voters who are upset being a minority

(We did, sorry you can’t read)

They’re mad an older white guy who looks like them isn’t in the White House

So something must be wrong. They’re Archie Bunker come to life

And they’re voting against their own interests solely for the wealthy

It’s just an irrational low information hateful extension of right wing talk radio

(Cue circus music)

And FOX news channel. It’s also the Southern Faction of Republicans

They’re working class white guys sitting in their car at lunch listening to it all

But here is the rub, they actually believe all the lies. Why you ask?

Cause getting to know “other people” is stupid. It’s work

Dad always told me to “hate X”, so dad must be right


Forget about the time he staple gunned his own hand to the roof

Or when he drove away from the gas pump with the filler gun still attached

Or when he stuck his hand in the toilet to unclog it grabbing a huge turd

If I label x, compartmentalize them, and rationalize, then my life is simple

It allows me to live in a fake bubble where reality & facts are meaningless

(It’s an actual person)

Now it gets funny. You say, “But John, aren’t you now labeling them?”

Yes, yes I am. But I’d argue there’s a MASSIVE difference between:

Hating stupid people for active choices they make(racism) vs.

Hating someone b/c they’re born with a different genetic make-up than you

Review: Hating someone for something they had no choice over is idiotic

(That hat don’t lie)

It makes me want to punch you in the throat with steel spiked gloves

Then throw lava breathing Scorpions down your pants

Especially when it has no effect at all on how you live your life

Do me a favor. Go to any clip on YouTube or ANY news article on Yahoo

Just look past 3 comments before it’s racial, not germaine, & massively stupid


We already fought the civil war once, but with Right Wing talk radio/FOX

They’re clearly pounding the drums loudly ready to do it all over again

And that’s not as funny a pie in the puss. It’s more like a bat to the crotch

Then the knee, then the face, then the other knee…and those can hurt

Have a day!

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