It’s really all in the title, but I guess you need convincing…

(No unicorns?)

-Because you can’t fuck points
-You can’t cuddle a “win”
-When’s the last QB break out game blown you?
-No one ever really “loses” in sex
-No one talks shit when you’re not doing well

(How about “I suck”?)

But, now Why Fantasy Football Is Better Than Sex

-You only have to do it once a week
-It never complains when you’re on the “unable to perform list”
-The only energy needed is “point & click”
-You don’t need candles & shitty 80′s music to do it
-All you have to do is watch, you’re not actually doing it

It’s true. Sad but true. Oh, and on an interesting note

Ever notice “Sex” & “Football” both have the word “fantasy” IN them?

Yeah, me neither. Have a day!

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