My new wealthy billionaire Capitalist hero is Warren Buffett

He thinks the wealthy have been “coddled too long”

(Is a monocle underneath?)

He wrote an op-ed saying “Enough! It’s time we pay our fair share”

The entire Op-Ed is right here and is a great read

Cue the seconds until FOX news attacks him? In 3…2…1…

(Truth stings)

BAM! They called him a “Socialist” & told him to “quit lecturing the rich”

Yes, the most powerful capitalist on the planet is now a “Socialist”

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”

It’d be like calling Mike “the Situation” an “intellectual giant”

Noticing a pattern here? FOX is now the Socialist Network

(Everyone pays in this film)

If you politically disagree with FOX or Tea Party Republicans

They blindly insult you with terms they clearly don’t understand

Since they don’t know what it means, it’s calling someone a “witch”

(FOX’s debate style)

It’s intended to stop the conversation entirely, not begin it

Bottom line: even wealthy people know if you kill the middle/lower class

No one is left to buy their goods or services that makes them wealthy

Libya Is Almost Free!

Not like “FOC” as in “Free Of Charge”. You still need to pay to go there

But almost free from oppressive rule “free”

(Farewell bitches!)

And it’s like watching history unfold before your eyes

Take a whiff, and soak it all in. Whooooops, that’s my nasty BO

*John quickly put on pit stick & cologne*

That’s better, NOW smell the freedom vibes. Great things

Obama Hall & Oats “Out Of Touch”

He’s out of touch and out of time on being a real person

(Do not touch)

When our country is hurting on every corner

The middle class is getting snuffed out one by one

(Hey, any jobs yet?)

And douche puppet decides to take a trip to douchey Martha’s Vineyard

It shows a fundamental lack of empathy on every level

The “optics” are not only bad, but so is the timing. Timing is everything

(Yes it is)

We all know it wouldn’t do any good if stayed, but come on

At least PRETEND to give a flying fuck buddy

Have a day!

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