-A pregnant mom carrying triplets one week before delivery
-A sexual predator with a victim in his unmarked white van
-Your 6th grade teacher after a night of binge drinking
-A truck driver after a sleepless week up on pep pills
-A loan officer when you back date your payments a month earlier
-A TSA security guard to literally everyone
-Gopher on the original Love Boat
-The Jewish leaders were against Jesus in the Bible
-Any person you happen to be standing behind of at the DMV

(Feining fear, Doug smells his fart)

Take your pick. I liked #3 best, but you decide…

It dropped faster than pants at a nudest colony


Almost 500 points at one time during the trading day

Meh, like I said, you watch. Once football season starts, all is forgiven

(He said not to panic)

It’ll soar soon, because of the NFL Sunday ticket, AKA “Man-Crack”

Letterman Now A Jihad Target

Wait, now what what with the what what?

Maybe the few violent militant Muslims didn’t get a dictionary

But comedian means we makes jokes about EVERYONE

(Thanks for free new material)

If we didn’t, we’d be biased, stupid, & irrelevant. You know, like FOX News


In a Muslim on-line forum it turns out someone didn’t like his “drone” joke

The guy wrote his name, Al-Basrawi, and then said this:

“Is there not among you a Sayyid Nosair al-Mairi…

to cut the tongue of this lowly Jew and shut it forever?”

(I love Scotland)

Classy! Something to think about. If, & it’s a big IF

But IF you find yourself being an evil terrorist plotting death to America


(File photo of him)

Also, you do know people can trace IP addresses directly to you

Thankfully militants are not only wrong, violent, & hateful. Turns out

(Stupid people)

They’re also really really really really really fucking stupid

Have a day!

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