But clearly doesn’t know what the fuck that is

Compromise is when two people both give up things they want to achive a goal

Let’s see. How did your “Healthcare compromise” work?

(Oh shit, I know how this goes)

Oh right, it didn’t. We got a watered down turd with no single payer

While insurance companies got free mandatory customers

(You promised single payer in your campaign)

How did your wall street reform compromise work? Oh right, it didn’t

(Screw it all!)

We got watered down crap where only 38 of the 500+ regulations are in

Oh yeah, and we still don’t have someone to head it up

Since you didn’t make a recess appointment of Warren, you let her hang

Now Republicans’ll hold it up forever, never letting anyone take the reins

(You also promised this in your campaign)

How did your debt ceiling compromise work? Oh right, it didn’t

(No, really. Screw it all!)

You got nothing both you & a large majority of Americans wanted

And folded faster than Superman on laundry day

There are pussy’s; there are terrible negotiators; & then there’s you

(NOT you)

You’re like the worst hostage negotiator ever. Every one always gets shot

Or just shot, then thrown off a 90 story building

Or raped, then shot, & then thrown off a 90 story building

Yet you keep saying stupid stuff like “I make no apologies for being reasonable”

(Neither does HE)

You don’t get it, & simply never will. You brought UNO cards to a gun fight

He followed with “You’ve got to compromise to move this country forward”

Yes, that is what rational adults SHOULD do for all of us

But Republicans WON’T. Their platform to anything you want, need or ask

Is always going to be “FUCK YOU BUDDY!”. It’ll NEVER CHANGE

(I said screw it all!)

How do you compromise with that? You DON’T!

You’re supposed to be the adult in the room, but are a weak willed parent

(Aw crap)

Make no mistake, I hate Republicans in DC today & their Tea Turd buddies

They’re so far to the right of Obama’s “GOP lite” they’ve got frothing mouths

When they bite you, you instantly drop 100 IQ points, & like NASCAR

(I am a douche)

Then you stop paying attention to “news”, “policy, or “facts”

Start farting in your hand in smell & voting against your own interests

What happened to our country? Being rational or civil has become evil

Being loud, stupid & having a house with a 70 inch TV you can’t afford

(He hates Tea Turds)

Has now become something to aspire to. *Shakes head in sadness*

Watch the fantastic movie Idiocracy. We’re almost there

And our political choices have become picking the “less sucky one”

Why 80′ Underwear Might Be The Gayest

It’s just Science fact. When you get tight neon pastels on your ass

(OK…then GO)

It’s probably gayer than Gay Gayerson’s Gaypirate Island

Just sayin’…

Have a day!

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