And the Tea Party is dancing. Wisconsin recalls only changed two seats

(No historical facts, or reality)

Two Democrats were elected, but one short of taking back the legislature

To stop Walker & the Tea Party’s union busting agenda

BUT, Republican Sen. Dale Schultz voted AGAINST Walker & doesn’t like him

(Didn’t see that one)

If they win, our country becomes a massive mess, with no middle class left

For which I’ll channel Ray Patterson from the Simpson’s when they ask for help

“Ahhhhhh…I’m not much on speeches but it’s just so gratifying…

(Good luck!)

To leave you all wallowing in the mess´╗┐ you’ve made, you’re screwed, thank you, bye”

Wall Street is explaining these facts to you today Tea Party, but you won’t listen

The irony is all the Tea Party folks wanting to never raise taxes on the wealthy

But we’ll have no middle class to buy their products because you snuffed em out

(Good luck with that)

They lose big $. They don’t understand basic history, policy, economics, or reality

Meh, there’s always Scotland, & I’m packing my bags right now

Crazy Eyes

All conservatives believe Newsweek wanted to make Bachmann look crazy

(Carol Ann look into the light)

In all honesty, they’re sort of right. But why? Stupid childish games is why

And it’s so fucking stupid. The things she SAYS and DOES are enough

You don’t need to try making a pantless screaming drunk guy look bad

(See, that’s better)

They’re going to take care of all those things on their own

Tina Brown, don’t use your “cover” to make personal political statements

Use your cover to tell people the story, & let your subject do the fucking up

(John Wayne Gacy, really?)

That’s how it works. You don’t need to help an insane person look more so

They’ll do all that just fine on their own, but make sure to cover it

Have a day!

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