A hooker in a Vegas cab

A fat clumsy kid on ice skates

A the temperature in a butchers freezer. ZING!

(“With one eye it’s only half bad”)

It’s a big sell off. The bad kind. The “my 401(k) is now 401(Fucked)” kind

At one point during the day it dropped 500 plus points again

It landed with massive fart thud at 633 down. Horrible

Most likely because our crediting rating went down from AAA to AA

(DOW: the kicker YOU: the dog)

It went from “free road side assistance” to being an “alcoholic”

*Snaps fingers*

Like that. Why? Because people gave away tax cuts instead of raised revenue

When you can’t invest in t-bills, bonds, or anything secure like government stuff

It flat out hurts the street, so people get out of the short sale positions

Maybe Texas Governor Rick Perry can “Pray” us up more money? No?

(“I asked, he put me on hold”)

Yeah, I sort of thought so

You watch, once football season picks up again, the market’ll soar

Have a day!

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