When the “Heel” tries to become the “Face”

(I kick your crotch!)

Who knew New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was the voice of reason?

Turns out he doesn’t like the fear mongering about Muslims & Sharia Law

(“I will eat your baby”)

“This Sharia law business is crap. It’s just crazy

And I’m tired of dealing with the crazies”

Really? No really? Mr. Tea Party himself? Mr. “screw unions”?

Now he doesn’t love the Tea Party, Herman Cain, FOX News, or his base?

I figured it out. If the nutty Tea Party are farther to the right of the KKK

(Good point)

And pretty much every sick fucking evil fascist in history

Then normal Republican don’t seem as batshitcrazy by comparison

No, they still do. And it’s not going work Augustus Gloop

(“Fat man in a little coat”)

Vote and talk always like a rational person, then we might believe you

The Great FAA Compromise?

Um, no. Try FAA deal. Republicans got what they wanted

The $16 million to keep rural airports open is gone, they gave in & cut it


Once again, the screaming children in the room get their way

And we lost $, jobs, and time to do it. And get nothing for it

(Good Negotiator)

The democrats aren’t pussy’s anymore. They’re shitty hostage negotiators

(Bad Negotiator)

Who’s victims get killed every time and criminals get away

I’m going to the Optimus Block Party in Chicago for some cold ones

Say hi if you see me and have a weekend!

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