August 4th, 2011

House Republican’s blocked funding to the Federal Aviation Administration

THEN went on fucking vacation. Yippie! But why did they do this?

Welp, Republican Orin Hatch thinks:

(I’ll steal your soul!)

“I’ve been asked to stop it. You have labor regulators out of control”

Then you have Eric Cantor on FOX news lying through his teeth:

“The FAA is not functioning right now, so they can’t levy the tax”

(Next time, walk yourself)

It’s not “functioning” because YOU FUCKSTICKS VOTED AGAINST FUNDING IT

What Spending Cuts are Republicans holding hostage this time? 16 million

For subsidies to have flights going to and from smaller rural airports

How much will the shut down cost us if they do nothing until they get back?

Try 1.3 BILLION in uncollected revenue on for size

(I give you, the effect of Congress)

We loose 30 million per day being shut down

This has been going on since July 23rd, so we’ve already lost 300 million

Now I do own an abacus, and this doesn’t add up for a D- math student

(You people suck)

Said it before, they don’t give a flying fuck about you. It’s not even about the $

They simply want to goulishly crush unions & use extortion to do it

Not the usual law making methods. It’s always fuck everyone else

And fuck over anyone or anything in their way in order to do it

And some of you insane clueless fucking morons elected them

(Not your best day)

Grover Norquist should be fed to a homeless family, they’d eat for years

You think Wall Street likes this? It’s down 500 points

They fucking don’t, but guess what?

All the lying evil asshole Republican’s don’t care, they’ll burn it all

Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison mocks her own party in disgust

(How cute, they’re killing us)

When a Republican from the state of Texas is the voice of reason

It’s clear reason left the building hours ago

And is now driving the get away car with facts & reality in the back

Have a day!

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