What happens after you really fuck things up but good at work?

(“I don’t know, you tell me”)

Why you get a month long vacation of course. Welcome to Congress 2011!

They could all screw up a one car funeral, & now they get to golf for a month


Oh, and get this; they have something called a “Super Congress”

Isn’t that just regular Congress dressed in tights fighting crime?

(It’s “Drunken Nap Man”)

No, it’s the committee of six Republicans & six Democrats

Tasked with developing a plan to reduce the budget deficit

That must pass through both Houses of Congress before Christmas

(Now that’s funny!)

If they do, I’ll light my face on fire while eating a plate of hobo poop


Let’s all clear something up quickly my GOP Tea Turd faces

Don’t confuse people’s disappointment with Obama’s governance

With what you insane bigoted low information morons are screaming

(Tea Party Jesus)

The Tea Party reminds me of a guy yelling at someone to move their car

While totally blocking traffic themselves, all while being pantless…

Cops Shut Down Lemonade Stand Of 4 Year-old In Iowa

And you know exactly what I think about that right?

It’s about damn time. If you go & let kids make a little pocket change

(“Step away from the lemonade!”)

Then pretty soon all hell breaks loose with kids having fun

And doing rational normal things kids always do. Rules is rules

*Looks over to kids having a Tea Party with stuffed animals*

Wait, they don’t have permits for those exotic pets, let’s roll

Have a day!

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