President Turd

August 2nd, 2011

Bravo Obama, you’ve managed to tell your supporters to shove it

(It stings)

What is a turd? A turd is something pulled from your ass

It really really stinks all of the time, and it just lays there

President Obama, this Debt Ceiling fiasco is your Turd Necklace


*Grabs wrist, looks at watch, waits, then shakes head*

Time of death for your Presidency, Sunday July 31st, 2011

You’re not a progressive, or a Democrat. You know, what you ran on

You’re a right leaning Republican, and they still don’t like you


The funniest part, all the Tea Party fucktards are STILL unhappy

My irony meter exploded. They pretty much want all Government gone

Which would certainly include their jobs. Stupid always doubles down

My favorite thing’ll be watching power Republican’s realize they created


These insane screaming children with their own $, but now can’t control them

Good luck douchebags. Are there any candidates who represent the middle class?

*Insert massive laughter here*

July Was Hot As Fuck All

Historical records everywhere. Temps that were never seen before

(True, true)

It was so hot, the sun even offered to rub aloe on our backs

It was so hot, Gatorade came out with Lava Flavor to cool people down

It was so hot, cooking on the grill or the sidewalk was an option

Just sayin’…

My Nephew Philip Is Now In Theater

Not watching Captain America in 3-D. Try being Captain America in 4-D

(Wrong Captain)

He is in the Army heading to Iraq. My oldest brother will be in Afghanistan soon

Wow, who else is going from my family? Should I make some calls to pick up mail

Much love to both of you. Strength & honor. Come home safe you two

Have a day!

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