Fake Democrats!

July 13th, 2011

Well Wisconsin Republicans…

(We’re stupid together)

Nothing like being embarrassed to run as yourself

A bunch of Republicans ran against Democrats in the Wisconsin recalls

They all lost

Bravo voters, you’re smart to know the difference

(I picked “Normal” over “asshole”)

Between people trying to put in policy and smelly shit lying assholes

But can you please explain electing Scott “Koch sucker” Walker?

That’s a tougher job

Hard To Look At Our “Debt Ceiling”

When there’s a fucking hole in the floor…


The middle & lower class is being asked to pay for all the wealthy’s tax cuts

Fuck you!

Look, Democrats are pussy’s and some are banking corporate wealthy voters

(Most elected Republicans)

But between Republicans who are all corporately owned, verses a few

I’ll take it as a case by case basis, but the Democrats are winning this one

By far

Have a day!

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