Betty Ford Dies At 93

July 11th, 2011

Now which clinic do drug, pill and booze hounds go too?

(Drugs are bad)

I mean, The Keith Richards Center doesn’t quite have that same ring to it

Besides, it’s really hard trying to get off the stuff

(Dig it)

While the head guy running it is offering to sell it to you

Just sayin’…

Boner Boy Softens

Debt ceiling schmet ceiling

Originally Republicans demanded 4 trillion in cuts over the next 10 years

(“The fish was this big”)

When “Tan Man” Boner found out Obama’d make cuts to Medicare and SS

Only if Republicans ended tax cuts for the top 3-5%, and corporate loop holes

That ended that game of silly chicken real fast

He came out saying, “Um, let’s make those cuts 2 trillion”

(“I meant 2 trillion”)

In other words, “we’ll still keep your entitlement program cuts”

But “let’s take those tax cuts for the wealthy ending off the table”

How is it Republicans get elected?

How many 3-5% tax cut, big oil, and corporate CFO’s are there?

If you’re not one of them still voting for em, you’re doing it wrong

(Average non-wealthy Republican voter)

It comes down to this for today’s Republicans:

“We will do anything to make Obama a one term president

Who cares if it ends the middle class, hurts the poor, or destroys lives

We gotta help our rich buddies get richer. It’s why they gave $ to elect us”

Have a day!

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