Holy baby killer bat man!

(“Killer” smile)

No no no no no no no, wait she probably did it, but nooooooo

John Pitts, this is best joke on the subject to date:

She went from MILF, to MILK(Mom I’d like to Kill)

(You’re Drew Peterson of vag)

She was found innocent because the prosecution built a very shitty case

Meh, put it this way. If this can happen, Bachmann can be elected POTUS

(It’s all so sad)

I only hope they will have a “media” frenzy…

You know, the kind where silly shit like “what pop-tarts she likes” is exposed

All crap that means NOTHING…

Welcome to media in America, grab a shovel…just not the one from this case

Wow, The Dick Troll-A-Verse

The “young yuppie ring” clashes with “white collar cyber worlds”

Obama isn’t perfect. Far from it, as we all make mistakes

(Now why be a dick?)

But ask hateful Republican hackers, and he’s a 200ft Satan that rapes older people

Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan used this event to “pick a debate fight”

“Fearmongering won’t solve our debt crisis. Americans deserve a real debate”

“You pick: when and where?”

If only he understood the massive irony in his statement

Doesn’t matter, they’ll make him be the most evil person ever…

Why? Because if I use hate, ignorance, & evil, he’s less than human

They can dehumanize him

What do they preach in their world? Tolerance

(Aw shit, I’m suckin)

Who is this for? For only those that agree with ME. If you disagree die…

Not “tolerance”, just silly hate for those who are different from me

It’s all so sad, wrong, & ignorant…

Have a day!

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