Hold on a minute here, the Bangles predicted it in their 1980’S hit?

bangles-walk-like-an-egyptan.jpg(Where are your sticks of fire?)

Just look at the lyrics:

All the old paintings on the tomb
They do the sand dance doncha know
Mubarak’s a dick(oh whey oh)
They’ll topple it like a domino

man-in-pharoh-mask-protesting.jpg(It’s a look)

And the bazaar man by the Nile
He got Democracy on a bet
Got molotov cocktails(oh whey oh)
They’ll torch a building then light a cigarette

Telling, I never really listened to them closely…

Then again neither did anyone else. Most American’s say the same thing…

Please don’t let it be Breaking Iran II-Electric Boogaloo

iran-ii-electric-boogaloo-copy.jpg(Don’t remember that one)

Where it gets toppled, and handed over to Islamic Fundamentalist Radicals…

Senior Brotherhood leader Essam El-Erian, I’m looking in your direction…

They sort of want to create an Islamic terror state there…

It’s kinda like punching a lying, thieving, crooked cop out cold…

crooked-cops.png(New show on FOX)

Only to have the next cop on the beat be bigger, worse, and have partners…

Mubarak sucks, but he is the devil you know…

Knowing that, I hope they get the Democracy they want and deserve…

My Mage Has A +3 Staff Of Liquid Fire!

Oh wait

mage-cool.jpg(Check out my staff)

That’s actually just my cousin after a weekend in Vegas & a trip to the free clinic…

Have a day!

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