No, not this guy…

steve-tyler-caricature.jpg(Lips, haunting me)

This guy…

rahm-laughing-loudly.jpg(“Suck it playas!”)

The Supreme Court overturned the lower court, and got him on…

Yet some say they didn’t trust the make-up of the Illinois Supreme Court

jewish-sunset.jpg(What bro, don’t be hatin)

I think Carol Moseley just “Braun’ed” in her $250 pants…

Aretha Franklin and Carol separated at birth?

carol-moseley-braun-podium.jpg  aretha-franklin.png(Just sayin’)

But now Chico is clearly not “The man”

And one things for sure this entire election season:

idiot-flying-down-stairs.jpg(East German judge’ll screw ya)

If only Chico had an “A” and a “G” in his name…he’d still lose..

SAG Awards This Weekend

Dang, I can’t believe Little Fockers got SAG and Oscar snubbed

stiller-deniro-little-fockers.jpg(We got paid for this shit?)

No Sex & The City 2? Bounty Hunter? Ohhhh, say it ain’t so…

Tune in on Sunday the 30th to catch all the action

Complete with over-bloated thank yous, tears of joy…

And Betty White telling itchy pussy jokes

Texting Teens

Playful kids using technology…

iphone-text.png(Honest family)

Or condescending lil’ pricks wasting time?

Kind of depends what they’re texting and to who…

And how much your bills is each month because of it…

Have a day!

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