Glenn Beck is sort of like


That kid in your class who mocked other races

Had a 7 IQ, and farted in his hand to smell it…

guy-holding-his-nose.jpg(Come on buddy)

He’s so “Red Scare 1960’s”; which still wasn’t even popular then either…

Glenn Beck is just like Obi Wan Kenobi

If Obi Wan was an Aryan Brotherhood airport toilet stall cleaner

With nothing to offer the world but sadness, stupidity, hate, and props

He’s like an untalented Carrot Top

Beck Logic 101:

“I’m not saying you should buy a gun, load it, put it to the temple of progressives, & pull the trigger emptying the clip to save America. I’m not saying to do that, I’m just asking the question here? I’m a concerned citizen, who’s worried for our country”

glenn-beck-baby-crying.jpg(Cry it all out tiger)

No, you’re yelling “Fire” in a crowed theater of wheelchair bound morons

Then when the twisted metal and trampled bodies start popping up

You casually wonder “How could something like that happen?”

witch-hunt.jpg(Witch hunt)

Find a mirror fart whistle, that’s how…

Sir Doucheness I Presume

No one cares anymore about Jay Cutler’s super mega puss bone

jay-cuntler.png(New change)

He’s old news, but this just adds a little salt in the wound

“My knee is ruined” was spotted walking casually around the Grove in LA

With his lady, tramp du jour from The Hills, Slutty McHotpants

Notice he was walking freely until they get picked up by the camera

Then a “tiny” limp creeps up. No matter, it’s good he went out…

And Hanie with his 70’s porn stash came in, otherwise it woulda been 21-0

Have a day!

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