Worst Injury-No Heart

January 24th, 2011

The Bears lost the NFC divisional game against the Packers 21-14

cuttler-getting-tackled.jpg(Cutler goes down)

This was a sad day for Bears fans, but great for Packers…

Jay Cutler wasn’t right from the 1st snap. His rating of 31.8 told us that

He was “hoppy weird uncomfortable” in the pocket; out of place

He looked like a sweet old Jewish couple at Hitler Youth rally

Like Garfunkel without Simon. Like a rational thinking adult on FOX news

simon-and-garfunkel.jpg(Nice stash!)

Under the same heat, 3rd string QB Haine stepped-up in the pocket

He played insanely well for being 3rd string and thrown in there

At least he looked like a QB, while Cutler shrank…

He overthrew guys all day long before the “knee”. He was embarrassed…

Toughness isn’t a “MCL knee sprain“(Grade 1 lowest)

Heart was…

He showed none. He stood, face in jacket, and just quit on his team

He quit on Chicago

cutter-standing-alone-on-sidelines.jpg(Lost, alone, selfish)

No fire, no support, no help, no cheering, no interest

Even standing there for all to see, he could accept this

He didn’t. He won’t. It’s not in him as a leader…

The worst part? His team mates afterward verbally enabling this selfish crap

why the Bears’ll never win. Talent is key, but attitude wins games

Philip Rivers played on a torn ACL in the divisional playoff game in 2007

cutler-burnt-jersey.jpg(Come on morons, really?)

I give you the “Cutler Hillbillies”:

Come and listen to a story about a player named Jay

A Bears QB who didn’t care what fans or media say

Then one day he was shootin’ for a win

When up from his heart crept his biggest sin

Spoiled that is, Selfish No Heart, Gutless Pee Stain

Well the 1st thing you know ol’ Jay’s a Millionare

Be it playing for the fans, or a leader he didn’t care

Because with his swagger that just wasn’t his “thang”

And that’s why with him the Bears’ll never win a ring

Ring that is

Super Bowl Champs, Lombardi Silver

jay-cutler-pampers.gif(Extra dry)

Now its time to say good-bye to Jay & a Super Bowl win

Cause every single over thrown pass would never drop right in

You’re all invited back again to try-n-watch next year

But don’t expect much heart just shut-up-n drink your beer

Now I know what it’s like to be a Cubs fan…

Hey Cutler, success isn’t what defines us

But how we understand, accept, and rise up after setbacks or defeat

You learned nothing. You handled it like child

cutler-standing-on-sidelines.jpg(Your Bears obit pic)

When the rest of us all get knocked down in life

It’s not how hard you get knocked down, but how quickly you get back up

With a wider smile, more heart, and eager to stand tall. It’s very Chicago…

But with all your selfishness, you just don’t get it buddy…and you never will

It’s called character. You’re not worthy to wear that logo…

Have a day!

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