Not our little dummy lil’ “Clique” “Drama Teen”

tood-sarah-palin.jpg(Uh, ohhhhhhhh)

But Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadd, oh Taaaaaaaddd

Well it just so turns out that Todd Palin had an affair with a massage therapist. The Enquirer claims that police have physical evidence Todd had an affair with Shailey Tripp, a massage therapist recently arrested for running a prostitution house

Zing! Zong! Swap!

funny-creepy-couple.jpg(“Now, who do we believe in?”)

And that’s the end of that Chapter…

and-thats-the-end-of-that-chapter.jpg(Ah, Police Cops)

I can’t wait till she says, “God told me to give him a 2nd chance…

Because we all make mistakes. Well everyone except me

You see, nothing’s ever my fault, it’s always some one else’s”

Palin: *Punches a baby in the face, & sets the stroller on fire. Cops come*

Her: “Why are you arresting me, this is lefty elitist harassment!!!”

Comeuppance served…

Have a day!

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