MLK & Ricky Gervais

January 18th, 2011

They were both black…

ricky-gervais-podium.jpg(Take my job please…)

They both told it like it is…

And one of them isn’t being asked back to host the Golden Globes Awards show…

Guess which one?

mlk-at-rally.jpg(“Oh oh, I know!”)

Ricky because sadly MLK is dead…

You remember yesterday? You had it off?

Yeah that’s because we were celebrating his amazing life

“Some people” didn’t like his sharp jabs…

annitte-bening.jpg(Tim Burton won?)

But a slimmed down Ricky said, “I warned them”

Finishing with “That like you, they’re all full of shyt”

The interveiwer explained he is “One of them”…

Then sobbed as Ricky stool in awkward silence

He went on to say, “My sunglasses are from a Gas-N-Gulp”

ricky-gervais.jpg(Free with pork-rinds)

Then told a Nazi, gay, blow job joke…

To a group of gay Holocaust survivors


He was funny. If one can’t laugh at themselves

You’re taking yourself far to serious for this industry

Have a day!

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