It’s 2011, So Now What?!?!

January 1st, 2011

Your “Panama City Biggest Slut Of 2010” t-shirt goes in the drawer for starters…

tinstock-2010-t-shirt.jpg(Hellooooooo drawer)

When someone says anything today reply, “That’s soooooo 2010”

While shaking your head in shame

2010 Oprah only had a magazine, hit show, and was a god

2011 Oprah still has all those, a TV network, and now controls the earths rotation

oprah-funny.jpg(Barry Winfrey?)

When people at your office said, “See you in 2011” before you left on vacation

You should’ve responded with, “But you won’t since I recently perfected time travel…

I’ll be living in 1987 indefinitely”

max_headroom.jpg(Oh shit…)

We’re no longer in a “Recession/Depression”

But you still don’t have $, a job, or any happiness…

Aside from your lotto scratch tickets, & your kiddie inflatable pool

People suddenly don’t know what “Snooki” is

snooki_on_south_park.jpg(Cartman rape is always funny)

But many suspect it’s a type of fancy billiards

Merry Nude Year!

In the Chinese calendar, 2011 is know as “The Year Of The Streaker”

chinese-girl.jpg(I give you Dr. Naked)

Ironically it’s also going to be the coldest winter

So choose wisely…and I’m back baby

Have a day!

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