Argh Matey!

October 29th, 2010

What’s a fun Halloween costume?

Taping 25 cents behind you calling yourself a “Quaterback”

Being “Black Sherlock Homes”

How about dressing as Captain Morgan standing next to a bag of coke?

captain-coke.jpg(Ahoy, it’s Booger Sugar)

We’ll it’s a better choice than this

vampire-getting-a-bj.jpg(Thumbs up Count Dorkula)

Just sayin’…

Remember the Rally

It’s on like a light switch, so start restoring your sanity and or fear

rally-to-restore-sanity-chicago-poster.jpg(Nice poster)

Saturday October 3oth, Grant Park 11am-2pm

Oh, and this is fucking brilliant to me:


Have a day!

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