It got serious…

obamadailyshow.jpg(Air Mug 1)

Seriously serious. Well no shit when it’s the POTUS…

Which was really really really really really fucking cool…

obama-trying-to-suck-jons-soul.jpg(“I absolve you of your funny”)

I think Jon asked him real, honest, tough questions

“Maybe we weren’t the people we were looking for?”

“Are you disappointed in how it’s gone?”

See the entire show here

But the whole time in his head was like:

“Holy fuck train facelift, I’m talking with the POTUS”

obama-jon.jpg(Are they dating?)

It was amazing listening to the man honestly answer questions

Sometimes it was funny, other times it was refreshingly honest

Bottom line, it worked

It recharged the batteries for people who voted for him before

And with these mid-terms, it’s worth everything…

Have a day!

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