Fun Halloween Costumes For You

October 15th, 2010

And your cat


But wait, there’s more…

halloween-witch-cat-hat.JPG(An O’Donnell witch cat)

And finally

avatar-cat.jpg(Fucking Avatar cat? Seriously?)


Now the owners know why the cat pissed on their clothes

Bill O’Reilly Eats Babies Face Whole

On the shrill catty shrekfest know only as The View

captf6efba9af0b4478ebdc3592fa3640833-eae82e9e3fdb408094445ad77b457d51-0.jpg(Ebony & ivory)

Oraly said, “Muslims killed us on 9/11”

He thinks locating the Islamic Center near ground zero is inappropriate

“Because Muslims killed us on 9/11”

Listen up, and listen up good Tea Tards(Corporate interests picking off dolts)

You think it’s YOU coming for US this November. Nope. It’s US coming for you. Rational Americans from all over this country will stand up to you loud pot banging little shits fucking up our country by giving your ass a fat swat, then a time out

bad-kid-smashing-tv.jpg(You little shit)

We, rational sane Americans, have had enough

Only the insane nutjobs get news coverage now-a-days,

All while rational voices are downed out by insanity

No more!

restory-sanity-keep-fear-alive.bmp(Ah, a merger)

Bring your mild voices, or refurbished ipods to the…

Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear

Or don’t because you’ve got other shit to do. Just fucking vote on November 2nd

Have a day!

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