Miner 69-Her?

October 14th, 2010

Could you ask for a more wonderful moment than when those Chilean miners were pulled out 1-by-1 with such neat looks of joyful optimism at the power of life itself?

miner-being-treated.jpg(Great moment)

Well, not if you’re wife is standing there looking like this:

cartoon-wife-with-rolling-pin.jpg(You pussy mining SOB)

Mostly because your mistress is also standing there looking like this:

hot-girl-on-bomb-cartoon.jpg(Give me your hardhat)

The problem is who you make eye contact with 1st…

miner-wife-vs-mistress.jpg(Not quite how I described it)

Wait, is that a statue of mother Mary in the mistresses arms?

I say that’s why we have two arms, so you can hug them both “Big Love” style

Now some have to play the new game show on FOX

Called “Who Hugs You 1st, Wife Or Mistress”

Welcome back topside, but for some, you’re wishing you were still down there

Have a day!

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