Douche Gingrich

October 7th, 2010

What a nice fella…

newt-gingrich-waving-asshole.jpg(Fuck you poor people)

By “nice fella” I mean “soulless prick who only fights for the uber rich while telling the poor or middle class to fuck themselves”. I mean sure he’s no Alvin Green

Few are, but he even flew past “Rove Douche Levels”

douchebagaward-small.jpg(Look it’s kid turd)

He decide to call Democrats the party of “Food Stamps”

What does that make the GOP Tea Partiers then?

The party of “low IQ voter bigots who vote against their own interests”?

stupid.jpg(It’s true)

I can’t believe white middle class voters even consider the GOP for the midterms

Meh, if you vote for it, you deserve the utter shit you get

You’re voting in the exact people who fucked up the country who only serve Wall Street and big business. Ironic to see people voting against their own interests

But I say go for it

Have a day!

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